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Request for Proposals
The Ohio Department of Medicaid is committed to using competitive procurement procedures that are designed to deliver the best value in necessary goods and services for the fulfillment of programmatic needs or objectives while maintaining the public’s trust through adherence to standards for the maximum practical fair and open competition.
Request for Proposals
Procurement Number Procurement Link Resource Library
ODMR-2021-0026 Program Modeling  
ODMR-2021-0027 Independent Medical Examination Services  
ODMR-2021-0021 Disproportionate Share Hospital Payment Auditing Services  
ODMR-2021-0023 Pharmacy Operational Support Vendor (POSV)  
ODMR-2021-0025 OhioRISE  
ODMR-2021-0024 Ohio Medicaid Managed Care Organizations RFA  
ODMR-2021-0020 Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager RFP SPBM Offeror’s Proposals
ODMR-2021-0019 Managed Care RFI #2  
ODMR-2021-0005 QI Capacity Building Annual Report MOMS_SFY 2019
Annual Report Progesterone_SFY 2019
Annual Report SFF Perinatal SFY 2019 Attachment C Cost Proposal
ODMR-2021-0012 Administrative Hearing Officer  
ODMR-2021-0011 MBE Administrative Hearing Officer  
ODMR-2021-0015 Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager RFI ODM Request for Interview
Interview Request Process
ODMR 2021-0004 Nursing Facility Rate Setting ODM Long Term Care Facilities Information
Long Term Care Policies
ODMR 2021-0006R MBE Supplier for Stenographic Court Reporting Services  
ODMR 2021-0006 MBE Supplier for Stenographic Court Reporting Services  
ODMR 2021-1002 CPC EHR Pilot RFI  
ODMR-1819-1018 Actuarial Services for ODM Managed Care ODM Guidance
Health Transformation
ODMR-1819-1025 Home Choice Transition Coordination HCBS Settings Rule
NF-Based LOC HCBS Community Transition Services DRAFT rule
HOME Choice DRAFT Rule
HC Application
HC Needs Assessment
HC Transition Form Data
HC Attachment G ICQ
Verification Checklist
HC TC Referrals
ODMR 1819-1028 Hardware and Software Asset Management System