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Alternate System
An alternate EVV system is an EVV system that is not the ODM-provided EVV system through Sandata Technologies.
Alternate System

Only agency providers are eligible to use an alternate EVV system. To be an approved alternate EVV system, an agency provider must go through the Alternate EVV Certification process, and the alternate EVV system must meet ODM's Business Requirements and Technical Specifications for an alternate EVV system.

When selecting a vendor for an alternate data collection module, providers should explore the system functionality thoroughly to ensure that it meets the agency’s business needs. In addition, it is important to plan for sufficient time to complete the certification process.

Each Medicaid Provider ID using an alternate EVV system must complete the certification process. Alternative EVV vendors are required to demonstrate their System meets all of the ODM requirements. The Alternative EVV System Checklist details the information an Alternative EVV System is required to provide. To schedule an Alternative EVV System demonstration, please fill out the ALT EVV Demo Request and email it to ODMEVV@sandata.com

Technical Documents

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