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Welcome Providers

Ohio is home to more than 165,000 active Medicaid providers. The partnership between Ohio Medicaid and its provider network is critical in ensuring reliable and timely care for beneficiaries across the state. Please use this page as a go-to resource for learning more about training, billing, rate-setting and additional areas of interest concerning the provider community.

Provider News

Standard Authorization Form

Providers should be aware that a new form, Standard Authorization Form (Form Number: ODM 10221), is now available. The purpose of the form is to improve care coordination for a patient across multiple providers by making it easier to share protected health information in a secure manner. The form is applicable to all covered entities in Ohio. It is not required to be used, but a properly executed form must be accepted by the receiving entity. The requirement to accept a properly executed form is applicable within 30 days of January 3, 2019.

Episode of Care Reports Available on the MITS Provider Portal

This is a reminder, Episodes of Care Performance Reports are posted on the MITS Portal under the Report tab for Hospitals, Physicians, Group Providers, Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers. These reports show your cost of care per Episode, how your costs compare to your peers and should be shared with your Organization’s Leadership including your Medical Director/Quality Management. Your Portal Administrator has the role to view these reports. If you have questions about these reports or how to access them, call ODM Provider Services at 1-800-686-1516. (NOTE: Your practice/facility may not have Episode Reports if you did not have enough qualifying Episodes.)

Mandatory Waiver Provider Training

This notice is to inform all providers of services to individuals on an Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) home and community-based services waiver of mandatory training on incident management. An “incident” is an alleged, suspected or actual event that is not consistent with the routine care of, and/or service delivery to, an individual enrolled on an ODM waiver.

The mandatory training can be viewed at https://ohiohcbs.pcgus.com/TrainingMaterials/index.html In addition, upon entering into a Medicaid provider agreement, and annually thereafter, all providers must acknowledge in writing they have reviewed Ohio Administrative Code Rule 5160-45-05 Ohio department of Medicaid (ODM)-administered waiver program: incident management system, which can be found at http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/5160-45-05

Questions may be directed to ODM’s contracted Provider Oversight Contractor, Public Consulting Group (PCG) at 1-877-908-1746.

Payment Error Rate Measurement Program (PERM)

PERM Information for Providers