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Common Questions about MITS

To reset your MITS password:
1. Click the "Help Reset Password" link
2. Enter the letters and/or numbers that you see in the Captcha (scrambled word) image
3. Click the Submit button

An email will be sent to you from: mitsadministration.itim@dxc.com with further instructions. Note: Some spam filters may need to be modified to allow these messages to be received. It may be necessary to add the email address above as a trusted sender to prevent blocking emails from this address.

For security reasons, MITS passwords expire every 30 days. If your password has expired since the last time you logged in, you will be prompted to change your password when you attempt to log in.

If you are a current Ohio Medicaid provider, you can set up a new MITS account to access the MITS Web Portal. To do so, you must already have a 7-digit Medicaid Provider ID.

1. To begin the MITS Portal registration process, please go to Provider Setup/Registration at this link : 


2. In the "Login ID" field, enter your 7-digit Medicaid Provider ID.
3. In the Personal Identification Number (PIN) field, enter your PIN. (This is the last four digits of your EIN or SSN).
4. Press the "setup account" button.
5. You will be taken to a page where you will be able to enter your contact information and create a new User ID and Password.
6. Wait thirty minutes or more to log into the MITS portal with your new User ID and Password. Complete your security questions and answers to complete your MITS account set up..

Once you have set up your MITS account, you can log into the secure site at this link:

https://www.ohmits.com/prosecure/authtam/handler?TAM_OP=login&URL=%2FPortal%2FDesktopModules%2FiC_Authenticate%2FSignIn.aspx%3FReturnUrl%3D%252fPortal%252f, using the User ID and Password that you created in Step 6 above.

1. Log into the MITS Portal
2. On the "Landing Page" click on the "My Information" link. This will take you to the "Update My Security Information" page.
3. Update your email address and other identifying information on this page, then click "OK".

Your Personal Provider Identification Number (PIN) is the last four digits of your EIN or SSN.