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Provider Exclusion & Suspension List
A list of providers who were excluded or that are currently suspended from the Ohio Medicaid program
Provider Exclusion & Suspension List

Ohio Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Suspension List

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) maintains a list of providers who have been excluded or that are currently suspended from the Ohio Medicaid program. This list will be updated frequently. Please be sure you have the most up-to-date information by using the file available on this page, instead of storing one on your computer system. In order to assist with identification, the provider's last known address and date of birth are included. Please note: that this list does not include the names of individuals who have been terminated from the Ohio Medicaid program due to license issues.

Ohio Medicaid Provider Exclusion Suspension List (Updated 08/05/2022)

If an individual or company is on the list, the individual or company may not be an owner in whole or in part; officer or partner; authorized agent, associate, manager, or employee of a Medicaid provider. The individual or company is prohibited from owning, contracting for, arranging for rendering or ordering services for Medicaid recipients or receiving direct or indirect reimbursement of Medicaid funds in the form of salary, shared fees, contracts, kickbacks, or rebates from or through any participating provider or risk contractor.

Medicaid providers are reminded that utilizing this list does not replace the requirement to complete the following database searches:

For questions regarding exclusions and suspensions from the Ohio Medicaid program, send an email to "Exclusions" in the subject line and include the individual's full name (including middle initial) and the last four digits of their Social Security number to: exclusions@medicaid.ohio.gov.