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Initial Background Check
Initial background check instructions and contact information
Initial Background Check

You must request that the results of your background check be mailed directly to us from BCI to this address:

Ohio Department of Medicaid
Attn: BCI Coordinator
PO Box 183017
Columbus, OH 43218

Please ensure that the Web Check Vendor has the correct ORC codes for either the BCI and/or FBI background check. For BCI the ORC code is 5164.34 and for the FBI check the ORC code is 3701.881.

When is a FBI check required? The FBI background check is required for anyone who lives outside of Ohio, has not lived within the state of Ohio for the past 5 years or has an offense/conviction that occured outside of the State of Ohio.

IMPORTANT:  For your protection, BCI only sends partial Social Security Numbers on background checks. If your name (as it appeared on the envelope of your notice) does not match the exact name that appears on your background check, it may not be matched to you.  You must provide ODM with your current name and that name must match the name on your background check.

Forms and Information: