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Presumptive Eligibility Training
Ohio's statewide Presumptive Eligibility (PE) initiative provides uninsured residents with the opportunity to receive immediate health care services through Medicaid if they are presumed to be eligible.
Presumptive Eligibility Training

Individuals who qualify through PE will then be provided with the information to apply for full Medicaid coverage.

Hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), departments of jobs & family services, local health departments, and WIC clinics are eligible to participate in Ohio's PE initiative. To become a Qualified Entity (QE), providers are required to complete a couple of steps. 

Step 1: Read the Presumptive Eligibility Training Guide (Please Also See Most Recent Functional Updates Above) 

Provider training is essential in determining eligibility for presumptively eligible individuals. Proper training ensures the effective follow through of full Medicaid application processing and that all consumer information is successfully entered into the MITS portal.

Training Guides: 

Step 2: Send in the Acknowledgement Form 

Qualified entities will be required to sign an acknowledgement form that will specify the responsibilities and obligations associated with being authorized to make presumptive eligibility determinations. Statewide training for providers’ MITS portal administrators will be required and administered by state staff.

After reading the training guide posted above, download the Acknowledgement Form. Print, sign and scan the document and email a PDF to medicaid_provider_update@medicaid.ohio.gov.

Acknowledgement Form Questions: Contact medicaid_provider_update@medicaid.ohio.gov 

Policy Questions: Submit 'Quaified Entity Policy Email Template' to pequestions@medicaid.ohio.gov

Technical Questions: Submit 'Qualified Entity Technical Email Template' to DASOhioIE.Maintenance@DAS.ohio.gov