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Important reminder: Update addresses and affiliations in the Provider Network Management (PNM) module.

It is imperative that providers update all address and affiliation information in the PNM so that claims payments, provider directories, and network adequacy measurements are not negatively impacted.   
Click on the following links for step-by-step instructions on how to complete these actions.    

View trading partner connectivity status 

Over the last several months, Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has partnered with providers and trading partners to connect them to the new Electronic Data Interchange to facilitate accurate and timely claims submission. Providers can check their trading partner connectivity status by viewing this easy-to-use spreadsheet of all known ODM trading partners. This information is updated regularly.  

Important: Provider Network Management affiliation steps are not complete and may impact provider billing 

Through a series of Provider Network Management (PNM) queries, Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has identified several affiliation issues that impact billing organizations claims. It is imperative that providers fully execute all steps when affiliating a rendering provider to their group/organization/hospital to avoid claims payment issues. ODM has identified that providers tend to leave affiliations in one of two incomplete statuses:

  • Pending Approval.
  • Confirmed.

A provider affiliation can be initiated and completed by the group/organization/hospital, or it can be initiated through the rendering practitioner. If the affiliation is initiated through the rendering individual, it is not complete and remains in a “Pending Approval” status until the group/organization/hospital accepts and saves the affiliation. At that point it will appear “Confirmed.” For the provider affiliation to be sent downstream and receive an “Active” status, there are two remaining critical steps:

  1. Click “Save” at the top of the page to save all the updates. Once saved, the user will have a new “Submit for Review” button appear.  
  2. Click “Submit for Review.” Users must click on this button to complete the process and submit the affiliations downstream. Affiliations are fully executed only once this final step has been taken. 

If these steps are not completed, the provider affiliation is not sent downstream, and providers will experience claims payment issues.

For more information

The PNM Learning tab includes step-by-step instructions in three quick reference guides (QRG) under “Existing Users” for affiliation assistance. These are titled “Adding a Group Affiliation,” “Adding a Hospital Affiliation,” and “Affiliations.”

Providers wanting to view or edit a claim must use the same system that was used for the original submission

These systems include managed care entity (MCE) portals, the MITS page accessed via the PNM module, or through an authorized trading partner utilizing the new EDI portal. For example, if a provider submits a claim via an MCE portal, the provider must then use the same MCE portal to view or edit their claim. Claims submitted via trading partners are not viewable within the PNM module; however, providers can work with their trading partner to view a claim status.  

Getting help with Provider Network Management module issues and questions

Resources on the PNM and Centralized Credentialing page are available to assist you in resolving the most common issues providers are experiencing.

Prescribers, pharmacists, and support staff: Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager web portal training now available

The recorded Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager (SPBM) web portal training is now available. Viewing this is important for prescribers, pharmacists, and support staff to learn about the many tools available on both the public-facing and secure portal. The public-facing portal includes access to reference material such as the Unified Preferred Drug List (UPDL) and criteria. The secure portal, which requires login credentials, provides access to specific patient information and the ability to reach the SPBM clinical helpdesk via web chat. SPBM clinical staff can also be reached via phone and email. 

Access the training for prescribers, pharmacists, and support staff.

If you have accessed Gainwell’s Ohio learning management system (LMS) previously, please use the same credentials set up during your initial registration to log in. If you have not, you will need to complete registration for the system to access the recording.

If you have questions, please contact Gainwell Technologies at 1-833-491-0364 or OH_MCD_PBM_network@gainwelltechnologies.com.  

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Update: Reconciling October 14 advance payments

Ohio Medicaid will begin recouping advanced provider payments made October 14 that were offered due to connectivity issues between systems. Providers that billed through the portal using direct data entry and received an advance payment will see recoupment on the December 22 payment. 

Remittance advices will note the recoupment, distinguishing it from the standard claims payments. The recoupment will continue to offset in future payment cycles until it is recovered in full. Click here for more information.