Reporting Suspected Medicaid Fraud

If you are a consumer looking for information on Medicaid programs and services, please explore our web site or contact the Consumer Hotline online or by phone at 1-800-324-8680. If you are Medicaid provider looking for information on enrollment, billing, training, fee schedules and rate, etc., please look through the Provider section of our web site. If you are in need of technical support call the Provider IVR at 800-686-1516.


Reporting Consumer Fraud
The Ohio Department Medicaid is committed to identifying and eliminating fraud. Help us detect those who are taking advantage of Ohio's programs to assist needy Ohioans. Please click here to make an anonymous report. 

Reporting Medical Provider Fraud
If you wish to report fraud being committed by a medical provider, call 614-466-0722 or click here for the Attorney General's office to make an anonymous report.


If none of the links above addresses your concern, the general Medicaid contact form is here. Thanks!