Specialized Recovery Services (SRS) For Providers of Diagnosed Chronic Conditions

The Specialized Recovery Services (SRS) Program is operated under the authority of the 1915i
State Plan option. Operational since August 1, 2016, the program currently benefits individuals
with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness who have income up to 300% of Federal Benefit Rate
(FBR) - currently $2205.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is amending the approved 1915i to include
additional individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions or who are active on
the solid organ or soft tissues transplant waiting list. This includes individuals in need of
transplants and former transplant recipients.

Review qualifying diagnosed chronic conditions

Access Qualifying Diagnosis Appendix

Additional Eligibility Criteria

Understand the provider's role with the enrollment process

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See the SRS Provider Toolkit for information about identifying and referring individuals

Utilize the Referral Template for SRS referrals

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