Each clinic type has various requirements for enrollment. The Provider Enrollment Unit can assist you with the enrollment process.

Reimbursement Methodologies

Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Centers are reimbursed on a prospective payment system. Rates are effective October 1st thru September 30th and are inflated by the Medicare Economic Index (MEI) in effect on October 1st of each year. Annual cost reports are not required.

Outpatient Health Facilities are reimbursed on prospective cost based system. Costs for one year are inflated based on several Consumer Price Index values to set rates for two years in the future. An annual cost report is required.

Federally Qualified Health Center & Outpatient Health Facility Medicaid Cost Report

Instructions for Outpatient Clinic Cost Report

  • Outpatient Health Facilities - Cost report must be filed annually by April 1st
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers - Cost report needs to be filed only if facility is new or is adding a new service

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