Ohio’s National Background Check Program

Ohio’s National Background Check Program consists of two auto-notification systems for conducting background checks on direct service healthcare workers tending to the needs of Ohio’s most vulnerable population, including seniors and people with disabilities.

The Automated Registry Check System (ARCS) is an effective, time-saving tool for home and community based providers to conduct pre- and post-hiring checks of employees in six required registries. 

  • Enroll in ARCS:
    ODM checks providers’ eligibility through MITS and enrolls new providers in ARCS twice a month. Eligible providers receive an automated welcome email from ARCS. If you have not received a welcome email and want to enroll, please email ARCSSupport@improving.com. Be sure to include your agency name and Medicaid provider number. Once we verify your eligibility, you should be included in the next scheduled provider import.

The Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database (Rap Back) is a continuous criminal record monitoring service that can be used by home and community based service and long-term care providers to obtain criminal records checks and satisfy post-employment background check requirements. Rap Back is currently in pilot testing and will go live early in 2015.

Read the Bulletins below for more information. Questions? Contact ARCSSupport@improving.com

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