Federal Requirement for Revalidation

Provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) require all providers to revalidate or renew their Medicare and/or Medicaid provider agreement every five years. Ohio Administrative Code 5160-1-17.4 outlines a similar provision. Ohio Medicaid will terminate provider agreements of providers that fail to revalidate on time or that do not complete the revalidation application. Once Medicaid terminates a provider’s agreement, it will not pay any reimbursement claims for services delivered after the revalidation date.

ODM mails a reminder notice to providers 90 days prior to the expiration of their Ohio Medicaid provider agreement to the mailing address of record in the Medicaid Information System (MITS). Therefore, it is vital that providers maintain a current address in MITS. The notice will provide revalidation instructions and direct the provider to the ODM Internet-based provider application portal.

Certain organizational providers are required to pay an application fee. MITS will inform providers if they are required to pay the application fee.

This page lists revalidation dates so providers can learn their revalidation deadline.

Providers may call Provider Enrollment at 1-800-686-1516 with any questions.

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Upcoming Revalidations ( Please check periodically for updated/revised reports)
Important Notice for Providers that Have Received Revalidation Letters

For organizations and businesses: When signing in to your revalidation application, you must use your businesses’ name exactly as it appears on your revalidation notification letter. You will be unable to log in if you use a variation of your organization’s name.

For individuals: You may need to use your full name, not simply your last name as prompted. Use your full name exactly as it appears on your letter (such as Doe John J MD). Do not use your business address or your “DBA” name. If you exit the program before completing your revalidation application, your new login might become simply your last name.

Once you have entered your business name or your individual name, you must select "search" before you select the "next" button.

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