Mom & Baby Bundle

To fill maternity and infant care gaps and to better meet the needs of families at risk for poor birth outcomes, ODM plans to take a population health, holistic, person-centered, and culturally competent approach to develop the Mom & Baby Bundle program. Through Mom & Baby Bundle, Ohio Medicaid will incentivize perinatal and infant care that incorporates clinical interventions with evidence-based and evidence-informed community-based services, creating a space for improved cultural competencies and individually-configured services. Our goals will be to improve maternal and infant outcomes and patient experiences while addressing implicit bias. Personalized care will give families the clinical and community supports they need to improve outcomes, while helping them build a longitudinal trusting relationship with the health care system.

Community Advisory Group Meeting (1/30/2020)

Community Advisory Group Meeting (1/29/2020)

Mom & Baby Bundle Program Overview (1/9/2020)

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