EVV Training


EVV for Phase 1 services began on January 8, 2018. As of January 1, 2021, all providers who are providing Phase 3 EVV-eligible services must be using EVV. A full listing of the services can be found on the Phases tab. Please see sections below for Individual and Provider training.

ODM has contracted with Sandata Technologies LLC to deliver Ohio’s EVV system, as well as to provide program orientation and training to providers.

Provider Training Information

Providers will need to register for the EVV training that describes them below. Providers need to use their ODM MEDICAID PROVIDER ID when they register for training. This is NOT the ID assigned to you by DODD, ODA or your MCO’s.

If you are a new provider who is currently in the provider enrollment process, click here
If you had log in credentials for the Sandata system prior to 09/04/2020, select the bridge training below
If you do not have log in credentials for the Sandata system, select the appropriate Agency or Non-Agency training below
If you feel you need a refresher on any Sandata EVV training you’ve taken, self-paced is always available, Select the appropriate Agency or Non-Agency training below
If you are an agency intending to use an Alternate EVV Vendor, click here

If you do not know your ODM Medicaid Provider ID please see Additional Training Resources at the bottom of this page for a link to directions on locating your ODM Medicaid ID.

Individual Training

EVV Provider Training

Phase 3 Training

Additional Training Resources



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