EVV Providers

As a provider for ODM, we want to ensure that you have the most up to date information available to you. The provider tab is designed to give you access to information and resources developed specifically for you.

What does EVV mean for agency and non-agency providers?

  • EVV requirements apply to both agency and non-agency providers.
  • ODM is providing the Sandata EVV system at no cost to providers or individuals receiving services.
    • Non-agency providers must use the Sandata system.
    • Agency providers can choose to use the Sandata system or a certified alternative EVV system. Alternative EVV systems must comply with all technical specifications and business rules and complete a certification process with Sandata before going into production. Neither ODM nor Sandata are responsible for any costs related to the development, certification or use of an alternate EVV system.
  • The claims submission process will not change due to the implementation of EVV.

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