Receiving Care in a Nursing Facility

A nursing facility (also called a nursing home) offers inpatient medical and/or rehabilitation services in a less intensive setting than a hospital.

Individuals often spend time in a nursing facility after a hospital stay. They receive the services necessary to eventually return home and live independently – with or without home care services - or move to a less restrictive setting like an assisted living facility.

Choosing a Nursing Facility

Use these resources to help find a nursing facility that is right for you:

Ohio Long-Term Care Consumer Guide: Learn about Ohio’s nursing facilities, including results of family and resident satisfaction surveys.

Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or Other Long-Term Care – Information about how to select a nursing facility and other long-term care services.

Medicare Nursing Home Compare A tool you can use to compare nursing facilities and view ratings.

Paying for Care

If you qualify for Ohio Medicaid, your income will be reviewed to determine how much (if any) will go towards covering your care.

Often the income you have will go towards your nursing home expenses and Medicaid will cover the rest. If this is the case, you will continue to pay your health care premiums and receive a personal needs allowance. If you have a spouse or other dependents living in the community, an allowance will also be available to them.

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