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Ohio Home Care
Ohio Home Care is Medicaid's integrated program of home care services, consisting of four benefit packages: Core, Ohio Home Care Waiver and Transitions Waiver. All three packages include "core" services of nursing, daily living, and skilled therapies. Skilled therapies include physical and occupational therapy and the services of a speech/language pathologist. 

Beneficiaries enrolled in the Ohio Home Care Waiver and Transitions Waiver benefit packages are provided a variety of services through our contracted case management agency, CareStar. These services include: home care case management (a service incorporating case management), overall care coordination, and data collection for the determination of program eligibility and cost range assignments. 

Beneficiaries and families are viewed as members of a team responsible for the consumer's care and are involved at every point in the service planning development and delivery. Several consumer options allow consumers to have flexibility in directing their care and selecting providers.

ODM monitors compliance with the requirements for the Ohio Home Care Program through a comprehensive quality assurance program. ODM monitoring activities include outcome-based consumer interviews, consumer satisfaction surveys, contractor and provider site visits, and review of consumer, contractor, and provider records.

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