Hospital Care Assurance Program – 2006 Program Year

The Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) is Ohio's version of the federally required Disproportionate Share Hospital program. HCAP compensates hospitals that provide a disproportionate share of care to indigent patients (Medicaid consumers, people below poverty, and people without health insurance).

The assessment and model calculations for the FFY 2006 Hospital Care Assurance Program have been completed. The data for the model is taken from interim settled Medicaid Cost Reports for SFY 2005. For most providers this would be the year ending 12/31/2004 or 6/30/2005.

The FFY 2006 HCAP program distributes $545.6 million to providers. Of that amount, $219.2 million was collected in the form of assessments to providers, with the balance of the funds provided by the Federal Government. The assessment and payment amounts for FFY 2006 may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

DISCLAIMER: The Department of Medicaid has taken appropriate measures to ensure that the file you are getting matches the actual assessments and payments for this year's program.

However, it is possible that variations may occur in the process of converting the file between spreadsheet applications. By downloading this file you are accepting it as is and agree that the Department is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

In the event that there are differences between this file and the actual assessments or payments, the version of the model maintained by the department shall supercede this file.

HCAP2006 (PDF) - OR - HCAP2006 (xls) Updated on November 13, 2006. Most spreadsheet programs (Quattro Pro, Excel, Lotus) should be able to open this file.

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