Eligible Hospitals Registration and Attestation

First year applicants are required to register with CMS at https://ehrincentives.cms.gov/hitech/loginCredentials.action.

Upon successful registration with CMS, eligible hospitals will receive an email from the MPIP system inviting them to enroll in MPIP. Returning applicants may log directly into the MPIP system. All eligible hospitals can enroll in MPIP at https://www.ohiompip.com/OHIO/enroll/logon.

Before enrolling in MPIP, take a look at the Eligible Hospital Checklist for AIU or the Eligible Hospital Checklist for Meaningful Use that are available on the MPIP Resource Page.  Eligible Hospitals will be required to enroll with MPIP and attest to all program requirements (i.e. patient volume) each year they seek an incentive payment.

For more information on MPIP EHR Reporting Periods for Dually Eligible Hospitals, please see the MPIP Frequently Asked Questions, available on the MPIP Resource Page.

All meaningful use reporting periods must occur within the payment year. For the 90-day reporting period, it is any 90-day period within the FFY and for the 12-month reporting period it is a 12-month reporting period which is the entire payment year.

Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade

To successfully attest to AIU, eligible hospitals will be required to report which certified product they adopted, implemented or upgraded to. To obtain a CMS EHR Certification Number, please see the Certified Health IT Product List available at http://www.healthit.hhs.gov/CHPL.

Eligible hospitals will be asked to upload supporting documentation that demonstrates a financially and/or legally binding agreement between the eligible hospital and the EHR vendor (i.e. purchase order, contract, EHR software license, etc.).

Meaningful Use

Meaningful use includes both a core set and menu set of objectives that are specific to eligible hospitals.  In addition to meeting the core and menu objectives, eligible hospitals are also required to report clinical quality measures (CQM).

Dually eligible hospitals that successfully attest to meaningful use in the Medicare EHR incentive program will be deemed meaningful users for MPIP, if they meet all other program specific requirements (i.e. patient volume).

Medicaid only hospitals may be asked to submit additional information for some of the meaningful use core and menu objectives. For more assistance with meeting meaningful use measures, please visit the MPIP Resource Page.

Additional program information and tools are available on the MPIP Resource Page to assist eligible hospitals.