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MyCare Ohio: Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Benefits

Ohio is home to approximately 182,000 Ohioans who are covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. While each program provides individuals with access to critical services and care, coordination between the two programs is lacking.

Governor Kasich's first Jobs Budget authorized Ohio Medicaid to seek approval through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to design and implement a system for integrated care delivery between these two programs.

In late 2012, Ohio Medicaid became just the third state in the nation to receive federal approval for its plan to coordinate benefits for residents covered by Medicare and Medicaid. The result was MyCare Ohio, a three-year demonstration which uses a managed care approach to better connect services made available through each program.

In 2014, MyCare Ohio will launch in 29 Ohio counties over seven geographical regions. The program is expected to serve more than 114,000 Ohio residents.

Letters and Notices
Beginning on February 26th, the Ohio Department of Medicaid began distributing the first round of enrollment notices to prospective MyCare Ohio beneficiaries in the Northeast Ohio region.

Sample Letters:
Program Implementation
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MyCare Ohio Annual Report SFY 2014