Children with Special Health Care Needs: Transition to Medicaid Managed Care

In Ohio, approximately 37,000 children are currently eligible for Medicaid due to a disability and receive a monthly medical card. These children will transition from fee-for-service Medicaid to Ohio's Managed Care program.

Starting in April 2013, parents will be able to choose from one of five managed care plans qualified to address the specific health care needs of their children. Parents will receive an enrollment letter; from Ohio Medicaid; with important information about the enrollment process and how to choose a plan best suited for their child.

Learn more about the; participating managed care plans:

(Please note: this transition will not affect children eligible for Medicaid on waivers; or children who reside in institutional settings; or children who receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.) 

Transition Updates:

Provider Hotline

MITS Portal

Managed Care Information