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ODM Trading Partners

This information is intended to assist organizations who facilitate electronic Medicaid claims reimbursement on behalf of Ohio Medicaid providers.

NOTICE:  Due to the migration of the EDI Services from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services to Hewlett Packard Enterprise,  the Ohio Department of Medicaid has temporarily suspended the enrollment of new Trading Partners as of Wednesday June 29, 2016.

ALERT:  In June 2016, the Ohio Department of Medicaid began testing a new system and processes for all EDI transactions. All current Ohio Medicaid Trading Partners should have received related communications via email.  Additional communications will be sent on a regular basis as we continue to roll out testing opportunities for the new system.   All trading partners WILL be transitioned to the new system before the end of the calendar year.  Please watch your email for updates.  If any of the contacts for your company change please ensure that you notify the DAS-EDI-Support@das.ohio.gov .  Contact updates after your company transitions please notify OhioMCD-EDI-Support@hpe.com .   For more information please visit the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information link under Features.

Latest news for ODM Trading Partners

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Contact Information

E-mail: DAS-EDI-Support@das.ohio.gov
Phone: 614-387-1212, M-F 8am-5pm

HPE EDI Support
Email: OhioMCD-EDI-Support@hpe.com
Phone: 844-324-7089,  M – F  8:00am – 4:30pm

Enrollment and Testing
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