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July 21, 2013   Kasich says Medicaid expansion inevitable
Cincinnati Enquirer

July 18, 2013   Lawmakers must stop stalling on health care
Lancaster Eagle Gazete

July 17, 2013   Kasich digs in on Medicaid expansion
Nordonia Hills News Leader

July 13, 2013   Advocates for Medicaid expansion remain determined
Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 10, 2013   For all Ohio
Akron Beacon Journal

July 10, 2013   Kasich at Medicaid rally: poor does not equal lazy
Columbus Dispatch

July 9, 2013   Medicaid supporters to rally for expansion in Ohio
Associated Press

July 9, 2013   Ohio Gov. Kasich to speak at rally for Medicaid
Washington Times

July 7, 2013   Medicaid merits a vote
Columbus Dispatch

July 7, 2013   Expand Medicaid to prisoners
Youngstown Vindicator

July 6, 2013   Prioritize Medicaid expansion in Ohio
Cleveland Plain Dealer

July 6, 2013   Summer job
Akron Beacon Journal

July 5, 2013   Ohio Medicaid beneficiaries see revamped program
Akron Beacon Journal

July 3, 2013   In a word, reform
Akron Beacon Journal

July 2, 2013   Veto worthy
Akron Beacon Journal

July 2, 2013   Medicaid coverage gap looms
Columbus Dispatch

July 1, 2013   Kasich signs budget, but veto keeps alive Medicaid expansion
Columbus Dispatch

July 1, 2013   Governor signs Ohio budget, vetoes block of Medicaid expansion
Associated Press

July 1, 2013   Medicaid expansion "unfinished business" in Ohio
Public News Service

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