Balancing Incentive Program (BIP)

The Ohio Department of Medicaid is committed to removing barriers and expanding access to long-term care received in home and community-based settings. In conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation and additional state agencies, Ohio Medicaid is an active participant in the Balancing Incentive Program.

In June 2013, the Ohio Department of Medicaid was awarded more than $169 million in additional federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) for its commitment to direct half of all Medicaid long-term care funding to home and community-based services (HCBS) by September 30, 2015.

The Balancing Incentive Program is an opportunity for states to receive enhanced federal funding, on a time limited basis, to improve access to home and community-based long-term services and supports (LTSS). In addition to achieving a “rebalancing” of long-term care spending, participating states must also:

  • Establish a no-wrong-door/single entry point system eligibility determination and enrollment system;
  • Implement a case management system that is free of conflicts of interest; and
  • Develop core standardized assessments.

State Profiles: Balancing Incentive Program

Ohio BIP Dashboard


The State of Ohio has prioritized home and community-based services to enable more seniors and people with disabilities to live in non-institutional settings. In recent years, Ohio has seen success in eliminating the waitlist for its PASSPORT waiver and transitioning more than 6,000 people from institutional settings back into the community through the HOME Choice program.

In September 2014, the Ohio Department of Medicaid achieved the 50-percent spending target for home and community-based services, one full year ahead of the federal deadline. Ohio Medicaid and its partners continue to create and identify new avenues for residents to receive services and care inside community-based settings.

Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care

Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care is part of Ohio’s efforts related to the Balancing Incentive Program, and creates a unified way for individuals to connect to the various home and community-based programs and services for which they may be eligible. This new “single entry point” for information streamlines the process for individuals and their families to learn more about vital long-term care information and resources.

In launching Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care, the Department of Medicaid engaged a number of state and local stakeholders. Specifically, Ohio’s Aging and Disability Resource Network (ADRN) has been enlisted to support Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care as the lead single entry point agency for entrance into the state’s long-term care system.

The goal of the Single Entry Point/No Wrong Door system is to:
  • Increase awareness of the full range of home and community-based options available to residents;
  • Provide objective information to individuals and families regarding accessing long-term services and support; and
  • Provide assistance to individuals and families so they may make informed decisions about the care and services they receive.

Ohio Benefits Long-Term Care – your online entry point for information about long-term care, services, and supports.