HOME Choice: Transition Team

The Transition Team is made up of individuals that will help to determine your eligibility, coordinate your transition, and manage care needs and waiver eligibility. Learn more about the roles of each team member below.

Pre-Transition Case Manager
The role of the Pre-Transition Case Manager is to identify your community living potential and help to make sure there are no interruptions in your care during your transition.  

The Pre-Transition Case Manager will also:

  • Meet with you in person,
  • Make recommendations on your eligibility,
  • Complete the Community Readiness Tool, and
  • Be a part of Discharge Planning with you and the facility where you live.

Transition Coordinator
All HOME Choice participants have a Transition Coordinator who helps with the transition from a long-term care facility to qualified housing in the community. Some of these steps may include locating the best housing choice for you, purchasing household items to get you started, and helping you adjust to life back in the community. 

A list of available Transition Coordinators for you to choose from will be provided to you. These organizations include:

  • Centers for Independent Living
  • County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and the Developmental Disabilities Council of Governments
  • Long-Term Care Ombudsmen
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (designated mental health providers)
  • Family and Children First Councils
  • Ohio Department of Medicaid Designated Agencies

HOME Choice Case Manager
Your case manager provides case management services if you are not enrolled on a waiver program. Case management is a process where many people work together to help review, plan, assist, and advocate for the options and services that are best for your health care needs while you are in the community. Your HOME Choice Case Manager will work closely with your Transition Coordinator.

Questions about HOME Choice?

Call us at 1-888-221-1560 or email HOME Choice Operations at HOME_Choice@medicaid.ohio.gov