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HOME Choice Consumers

Interested in HOME Choice?

To be eligible for HOME Choice, participants must:   

  • Live in a nursing facility, intermediate care facility for developmental disabilities, Residential Treatment Facilities or hospital for at least 90 days at the time of discharge;  
  • Have an institutional level of care;   
  • Be eligible for Medicaid at the time of discharge;  
  • Have at least one Medicaid claim while living in the institution;  
  • Relocate to a qualified residence.  

Those eligible may enroll on a state waiver program (programs that provide an alternative to institutional care) or receive State Plan Medicaid services.  

Also, eligible people may receive community transition services (goods and services necessary to assist with a successful transition to the community); up to $2,000 per person; and up to $500 for Pre-Transition Transportation; independent living skills training; a community support coach; nursing; social work or counseling; nutritional consultation; communication aids; in-home respite; out-of-home respite; camp respite; and service animals.   

Transition coordination is the unique aspect of this program. Once individuals are in long-term care facilities, it is difficult for them to move back into the community because they usually do not have homes nor access to other services and supports necessary for daily living. Transition coordination will help them plan and arrange for services and supports they will need while relocating from an institution to a community, such as finding housing, coordinating benefits, and obtaining referrals to additional supports and services.

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