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Programs for Children, Families, and Pregnant Women
Ohio Medicaid offers three programs for children, pregnant women and families with limited income to get health care. Once eligible for Medicaid, each child (birth through age 20) will have access to an important group of services known as Healthchek.
Healthy Start
Healthy Start (also called SCHIP) is a Medicaid program available to:
Healthy Families
Healthy Families is a Medicaid program available to:
Medicaid for 19 and 20 Year Olds
Medicaid for 19 and 20 Year-Olds is a Medicaid program available to:
  • Individuals who are age 19 or 20 years old whose countable income does not exceed 44% of the federal poverty level.
  • Unemancipated individuals who live with their parents or who are temporarily absent from their parents' home are considered to be financially dependent upon their parents and parent income is used in the eligibility determination.